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Zoom Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips 0-1000ppm (100 pack)

Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips 0-1000ppm (100 pack)


Peroxide test strips are used to determine the remaining amount of hydrogen peroxide in a solution. They provide a quick and easy visual indicator of the levels of peroxide in any solution. To prevent exposure to sunlight and moisture and maintain their shelf life, they are kept in a container or vial made of plastic.

These high range test strips indicate peroxide levels up to 1000ppm, other ranges of test strips are also available.

Instructions For Use

Peroxide Test Strips Instructions for Use Diagram

  1. Take a fresh test strip from the container, without touching the indicator pad, and hold directly into the solution sample you with to test for two seconds.
  2. Remove the test strip from the solution shaking off any excess in the process.
  3. Allow the test strip indicator at least 30 seconds to develop a reading.
  4. Compared the test strip indicator pad with the colour range provided on the storage vial. Comparison will reveal on indication of peroxide concentration in the tested solution.
  5. Always refer to any supplier provided instructions for your specific application to determine the peroxide level expected/required.

The instructions above will cover most use cases where a residual peroxide level needs to be detected in a solution, however test strips can also be very useful in other applications.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips 0-1000ppm (100 pack)



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